Exposed Skincare Expanded Kit (*New Price & Coupons*)

Exposed 6-Piece Expanded Kit Reviews

The Exposed Skin Care range is without a doubt one of the best systems I have tried. I have a pretty severe case of acne since high school and it hasn’t improved at all in the last few years. Nearly every product I have tried has made my skin worse rather than better. The problem is I have to use something so I have endured years of breakouts, red blotchy skin, inflammation, dryness and tightness. It is very frustrating to try so hard to have good grooming and appearance, only for it to make you look even worse.

I was given the Exposed Skincare Facial Cleanser as a gift and I loved how it made my skin feel after using it. It wasn’t dry and tight for a start. It felt smooth and soft, like it was actually moisturised and really healthy. I decided to order the Exposed Expanded 6-Piece Kit to replace all my existing products. I was considering the Exposed Basic Kit as well since I had heard such great things about it. However, I have a fairly bad problem with dry skin so I thought I really needed something like the Moisture Complex as well.

I was used to using a harsh face scrub, thinking I needed something that tough to clear all the grime from my pores that was causing my acne. It would leave me very red and irritated looking though, without a whole lot of improvement in my skin. I was amazed at how well the Derm-X Cloth and Facial Cleanser worked instead of it. It felt very gentle, so much so that I was sure it couldn’t possibly be actually doing anything like the face scrub was. The result spoke for itself though, really fresh, clear skin without the usual irritation.

The Exposed Acne Treatment Serum worked really well in controlling my acne during the day. It was very light on the skin, I didn’t feel greasy like I did with other stuff I had tried. I work in a very oily, dirty environment and by the end of my shift you would see the damage it would do. My face would be shiny and full of breakouts. The Acne Treatment Serum put a stop to that within a few days.

I would use the Clear Pore Serum religiously every night. I hadn’t considered a product for nighttime before but when I thought about it, my skin spends almost all night in contact with something, be it a pillow or a hand and it needs as much protection then as during the day. It also does a great job of repairing your skin at night. I would wake up looking fresh and healthy. It seems to give your skin the kind of balance that it needs to be it very best.

You do need to use the products consistently to get the best results, but that is very easy when you see the results that Exposed Skincare gives you. You see those results almost immediately. The real test of whether there is a visible difference is when other people notice it. I had people comment how well my skin looked within a week of starting the Expanded Kit. I was so happy with it, I then ordered the Exposed Ultimate Kit so I could have Exposed for every skincare product I used. I won’t ever be going back to using the harsh chemical crap other companies are selling.

If you are looking for something to combat your acne and actually give you great skin, a kit is the best way to go. If you are serious about your skincare routine, you know it takes a few products to look after it properly. The Expanded Kit has everything you need and works out cheaper than buying products individually. It’s a great investment in yourself and really worth it. Definitely consider ordering the Ultimate Kit if you want to go the extra yard and get the kind of perfect skin you could only dream of before.

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