How To Use Blackhead and Comedone Acne Extractor?

Blackhead Comedone Acne Extractor

Blackhead And Comedone Acne Extractor

Acne and blackheads are undesirable elements that disfigure the skin. Many abounding methods have proved successful in kicking them out, like benzoyl peroxide creams or skin care treatment for acne. One of the methods is the acne tool or blackhead and comedone acne extractor, and it is the subject matter of this article.

The face is a delicate part of the body and is cherished by all because it houses the eyes and other sensitive organs of the body. Beyond that, in relation with others around you, the face can present your feelings, emotions and can attract and endear others to you. As much as the face forms a major make up of our image, it is often exposed to dust and several other harsh elements. The face protects us from most of these things and they form as blackheads, acne etc.

Nobody likes blackheads and acne on their faces and I am certain that you are very eager to know how blackhead extractor works and how it will benefit you. We will get to that, but it is important that we understand blackheads and acne in order to appreciate the extent to which this extractors can stop the formation of blackheads and acne on our faces.


What Are Blackheads And Comedone Acne?

Blackheads are tiny, dark bumps inflaming the pores of a person’s face and sometimes the neck of an individual. They consist of oxidizing melanin, and they appear during those times when an individual’s hormones produce sebum underneath the skin pores.

One characteristic of blackhead that distinguishes it from acne and other types of comedone related infection is that the infection causes an opening in the skin pore, it is this opening that traps air and then makes the sebum underneath the skin to turn black.

Medically, blackheads are a milder stage of acne.

Acne, on the other hand, is an advanced stage of blackheads. It is also known as pimples. It is simply excess oils clogged under the skin.


Treating Blackheads And Comedone Acne With An Extractor

How To Use Blackheads Acne Extractors

Acne extractor is a very effective tool used for removing blackheads and acne and it achieves better results than popping them with your hands. Also, it is one of the very fast and simple methods available to anybody. This tool looks like a small rod having sharp hooks attached to both ends. It is with these hooks that an individual would pull out the comedone.

It is important now to say that before anybody uses an acne extractor, he is expected to have made some preparations. These preparations are:

1. Regular Skin And Facial Treatment Procedure

Most people don’t take care of their faces, they don’t wash their faces, and they don’t give it the necessary treatment needed. As individuals, it is our face that makes people appreciate our beauty and attracted to us. So, it is expected that before you use an extractor, you must ensure that you have a regular facial cleaning and treatment. This treatment wouldn’t require much of your time. It only requires that you wash your face and cleanse them with a very good facial cleanser. You are to dab your face with wet towels and not use sponge that will scrub the part where the comedone is on your face.

2. Get Your Acne Extractor

This merely entails that the individual involved should purchase the extractor he deems appropriate, that is, the size must be an appropriate size. However, you must be careful not to select an extractor that is not meant for the type of infection you have, meaning you cannot use a whitehead extractor for a blackhead.

3. Sterilize Your Extractor

You do not want to pick up another infection from your extractor, so it is essential that you sterilize it before you use it. There are several ways you can sterilize your extractor, but the one that is most recommended is that you soak it inside alcohol.

4. Get Your Towel, Water, And Disinfectant In Place

These stuffs are essential because when you are done with the extracting, you will need to clean your face and the extractor likewise. Also, you will need to protect the pores of your face that have been opened as a result of the extraction.


How To Use The Blackheads And Comedone Acne Extractors

Firstly, you must have sterilized the extractor and must have cleaned your hand. Afterwards, you will bring the sterilized extractor close to the part where the acne or blackhead sits on your face. Ensure that it is well-positioned. For most people who find it difficult to see the positioning of the extractor on their face, they can make use of a mirror or a magnifying glass, whichever comes handy at that time.

After positioning the extractor adequately on the part of the face where the acne or blackhead sits, then apply a bit of pressure at the base of the extractor. You will continue to apply this pressure, until you become very sure that you have extracted all the comedones.

The next step is to remove the extractor from that part where you used it, disinfect or sterilize it before you can use it on any other spot on your face. So for every blackhead or acne that you remove, you must remember to clean and sterilize your extractor.

When you are satisfied that you have successfully removed all the blackheads and acne on your face, then you can clean the extractor for the last time and keep it in a safe place.

After this, you must not forget that you should protect the open pores on your face from another infection. Leaving them open afterwards is an open invitation to further infection, which may turn out worse.

Although the use of extractors is quite modern, it has witnessed a great level of success and is bound to be the next best thing in the tackling of blackheads and acne. A lot of people have used extractors to remove acne and blackheads on their faces, and these people can vouch for its effectiveness.