Exposed Skincare Basic Kit (*New Price & Coupons*)

Exposed Skincare Basic Kit

Exposed 5-Piece Basic Kit Reviews

The first kit I tried from Exposed Skin Care was their Exposed Basic 5-Piece Kit. I had read some fantastic reviews of Exposed’s products and decided to try their basic kit as an introduction to the system.

I have found from experience that there is no point in trying just one product from a range to see if it would help my acne. Everyone’s skin needs a couple of different things to look after it properly, and this is even more important when you are battling acne. It needs at a minimum a cleanser, a product to renew the skin, exfoliation and finally something to protect the skin. The Exposed Skincare Basic Kit has all of these necessities covered in a well thought out range. The kit itself consists of these:

The Facial Cleanser and Derm-X Cloth were my favourite products by far. I have had a lot of problems from face washes drying out my skin. That has been one thing that has been pretty consistent for me with skincare range I have tried. Exposed’s Facial Cleanser is the first one that has left my skin feeling soft and comfortable, from the very first time of using it. I always used it with the Derm-X cloth in the shower and the results really exceeded my expectations. They seem to complement each other very well, with the Derm-X cloth lifting dead skin, dirt and oil from your skin and the facial cleanser giving it a deep clean.

The Facial Cleanser uses salicylic acid, one of the most proven acne fighting agents, to clear the pores. It has a natural detoxifying agent in sage extract that helps clear out all the toxins that build up during the day. It brought out the very best in my skin and I have to say it is the first time I actually liked my skin tone. The best description for it is that it glowed. It was visibly brighter, with a nice matte look instead of the usual greasy shine on my face.

It’s great to get skin that clear and fresh but often the hard part is maintaining it. The Clearing Tonic is a great way to extend the benefits from washing and exfoliating. It is designed to bring problem skin back into balance. It definitely helped repair my skin and reduce the redness and inflammation I normally had to deal with.

The Acne Treatment and Clear Pore Serums are a fantastic day and night combination for 24 hour protection. They feel great on the skin, nice lightweight gels as opposed to the heavy creams you usually get from other brands. The natural ingredients were very easy on my skin, hugely important if you want something you can use 24 hours a day. For once I didn’t have to choose between spots or red, inflamed skin.

There was a visible difference in my skin within a week. I was so impressed with the change that I tried the Exposed Expanded Kit for the second week and eventually ended up using the Exposed Ultimate Kit for my entire skincare routine. My acne was classed as severe and anyone who has suffered from it knows how hard it is to find products that work well and don’t make things better. Exposed Skincare is the only range that has actually done what it promised to do.

The Exposed Basic Kit is a perfect introduction to the range and it lets you see how well your skin reacts to it. You can try out the core products from the Expanded Kit and Ultimate Kit, and to be honest, you will definitely move on to one of those kits when you see what they can do. There is a great cost saving over buying the five products individually as well, so it makes it excellent value for money.

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