Normal Skin: The EASIEST Treatment For Acne

Acne Treatment For Normal Acne

Normal skin is luckily the easiest kind of skin to treat for acne. The skin isn’t overly greasy, so pores don’t get clogged as easily with dead skin cells, dirt, oil or bacteria causing a pimple. The skin isn’t overly dry where cracks and flaky skin creates the perfect environment for bacteria to get into your skin and grow into a pimple. But having normal skin doesn’t mean that you won’t get acne. With normal skin your pores can still get clogged and bacteria can still find a way into your skin and cause breakouts.

Taking proper care of your skin is the best acne treatment for normal skin. Using the right kind of facial cleansers, ointments, moisturizers and even toners will make your skin healthy and acne free.


Home Acne Treatment for Normal Skin

Luckily normal skin reacts well to alternative or homemade acne treatments. Making homemade scrubs and masks are an excellent way to clear up acne breakouts.

For normal skin you don’t need to avoid ingredients that may slightly dry or oil your skin. You can use olive oil, aloe vera, honey, tea tree oil and even yogurt to moisturize your skin; these ingredients also have astringent properties an added benefit to any homemade facial scrub or mask.

Mix together your moisturizing base – the olive oil, aloe vera, honey, yogurt or tea tree oil – with an antibacterial cleansing agent. Good cleansing agents that are also antibacterial are citrus fruits. Use mashed citrus fruit – a lemon works best – and mix it into your moisturizing agent. Add an exfoliate like sugar, sea salt or oatmeal to help clean out your pores and promote healthy skin growth.


Best Acne Treatment for Normal Skin

To properly care for your normal skin use products that is made for your skin type. The label will say normal skin. Use facial cleansers that have salicylic acid, for example Exposed Facial Cleaner for daily washing. Salicylic acid helps to clean out pores, get rid of dead skin cells and helps existing acne to heal. After washing always use a moisturizer that is for your skin type. Use moisturizers that have aloe vera or other natural ingredients.

To treat existing pimples use an acne ointment that have benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can irritate dry or sensitive skin, but it works very well with normal skin. Benzoyl peroxide is the best way to clear away existing pimples. It works on your skin to get rid of the bacteria, reduces the size and color of the pimple and makes it go away faster than doing nothing. Only use acne ointments on problem areas and NOT on your entire face so that you don’t dry your face out.

Taking care of your skin and using proper acne treatment for your normal skin will give your face a healthy glow.