What Is EXPOSED SKIN CARE? My 30-Day Reviews 2018

Exposed Skin Care Reviews

My 30-Day Exposed Skin Care Reviews

Hi, my name is John. This page is my personal review of Exposed Skin Care for 30 days usage. I hope it benefits you as much as I did.

Anyone who has suffered from acne breakout knows how crippling it can be. It invades every aspect of your life. It’s there, ever present, crushing your confidence, holding back your social life, eating away at your self-esteem. There are a lot of times you feel you become the skin disorder, that it is your defining characteristic. You’re the spotty guy or girl. That’s how people remember you.

In a pretty cruel joke by the universe, it affects your face most severely. The one part of your body that is on show every day, the one part of your body that everyone you meet is guaranteed to look at. In an even crueller twist of fate, it is next to impossible to get rid of for many people.

I was one of those people. It is really depressing trying your very best every day to manage your diet, look after your skin properly and use the right products in the right routine and still see no discernible difference. This is my story of battling acne and pimples for 20 years and finally beating it in 30 days.



Background Before Starting Using Exposed Skin Care

I had what my doctor described as moderate severe acne that was hereditary. It basically meant that my skin was genetically predisposed to have really bad acne and factors like bacteria, diet, water intake and environment did not have that much of an influence on it. I was going to have terrible redness skin and that was it. It hit me pretty suddenly when I was 12. Almost overnight, my skin went from clear to one of the worst cases of blemishes you can imagine. At that age, it was frankly overwhelming. I had just reached the age where appearance and social inclusion became hugely important. Rightly or wrongly, you were judged almost entirely on your appearance and mine meant I was an outcast for the rest of the time I was in school.


Expensive Nonsense, Liver Pills And Green Juices

In that time I tried every acne treatment I could. I went through the entire Clearasil and Clean & Clear ranges, the face washes, the pads, the creams. In the best case nothing happened and I mean nothing. Absolutely no improvement. In the worst cases, the products made my pores significantly worse. Angry red flareups were a common reaction to trying any new product. It seems that as well as having severe acne, I was blessed with incredibly sensitive skin. I would react to anything stronger than water. Tight, dry skin to the point I couldn’t smile is one of the enduring memories of my teenage years.

I tried the dedicated skincare ranges like Murad. These just turned out to be very expensive versions of what I had already tried, except this time you had to buy an entire range to get the supposed benefit.

I took a long list of alternative acne remedies. I ate dozens of liver pills a day until I couldn’t taste anything else. I drank green grass drinks until I hated the sight of anything green in a glass. Nothing helped, even a little.

I dieted and managed my water intake. I recorded every single thing I ate and drank for 3 months to no avail. I was told I was allergic to everything under the sun by different alternative practitioners. I became gluten free, dairy free, borderline vegan and still had a face destroyed by blemishes.

I went on sunbeds because I read they might help. I just got sunburnt. I drank copious amounts of cod liver oil because the vitamins in it were supposed to help. I just got a headache. Nothing helped, nothing!


Unhelpful Suggestions: Beards And Makeup

It kept going into my twenties. I was convinced that with time I would grow out of it. That’s what my doctor told me, “It’s just a few teenage spots”. His only advice was grow a beard to hide it. It wasn’t just a few acne or pimple breakouts and it was beginning to really bring me down. I was now chronically depressed because of it. I got a manager’s job where I worked but I couldn’t get anyone to take me seriously because I had the face of a 14 year old. People laughed at me behind my back and I had no success with girls. You really couldn’t blame them either, I looked terrible.

I even tried what was effectively male makeup. There was a range on the market a few years ago that was just that. Sure, they dressed it up as something else but it was really just makeup for guys. Not only did it not work, it made my face look like I had been attacked by a swarm of angry hornets.

I finally convinced my doctor to put me on acne medication. The first was a pill called Minocin, basically an antibiotic and surprise, surprise, no effect whatsoever. I’d been disappointed enough times not to expect it to work anyway.


The Nuclear Option: Roaccutane

The doctor told me there was only one real option left, Roaccutane. Now things were getting serious, Roaccutane is heavy duty medication. It has serious side effects, including suicidal ideation. You need constant monitoring of your body, especially your liver function, while you are on it. Only a consultant dermatologist can prescribe it, it’s that strong. Basically, it’s the nuclear option. It’ll get the job done, but at a terrible cost to your body. I told him I’d think about and research it a bit.

It was during that research that I came across Exposed Skin Care. I was intrigued. I had been trying different products for 20 years but hadn’t seen this range before. I considered myself an expert in the crap products that Big Pharma peddle to desperate guys like me. I thought I would try it out, if only to confirm that it was another let down. I really expected nothing from this range but I had nothing to lose any more. Why not?


Exposed Treatment After 1 Week, Nothing’s Happening, But That’s A Good Thing

I was really disillusioned with products at this stage so I began looking for problems straight away but the more I investigated, the more impressed I became with the range. Firstly, Exposed Skin Care is not Big Pharma. They aren’t out to make a quick buck through some slick marketing. Big Pharma usually just sells you a dream. Exposed seem to put the effort into delivering a quality product to treat acne and pimples.

Their Exposed Skin Care products are combined of Natural and Scientific ingredients including the following:

  • Green tea
  • Passion flower extract
  • Sage extract
  • Aloe vera
  • Licorice root extract
  • Tea tree
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid

All these compounds are well known and used in a lot of different products. They have a proven track record and that is important for someone like me who has had so many negative experiences in the past. Contrast this with say, Roaccutane, where the mechanism by which it works is not even fully understood. It makes it an easy choice for me which to try first!

I wasn’t expecting much so I only started out with 3 products, the Exposed Facial Cleanser, the Exposed Body Wash and the Exposed Acne Treatment Serum. To be honest, I didn’t notice any difference in the first week. My skin felt the same, no visible improvement in my blemishes. This is actually a good thing though. My skin normally would have reacted badly to a new product within a few days. I would be red, blotchy and have a serious pimple flareup. I would feel my skin tingling, burning and redness as I used the product but I had none of that with Exposed acne treatment. I felt nothing and my skin seemed to tolerate it very well. I may not have looked better but my skin certainly felt cleaner.

I decided to take a bit of a risk based on that first week and order pretty much the rest of the range. I am very wary of product lines that have a lot of different products. I have been burned enough times by this trick and spent a lot of money for no benefit. Firstly, price isn’t an issue with Exposed acne treatment, it’s very cheap compared to most lines. Even if it wasn’t, it would still be value for money because it works.

Going into the second week, I was now using the Exposed Moisture Complex, the Exposed Probiotic Complex and the Exposed Microderm Scrub, as well as Exposed Clearing Tonic and Exposed Derm-X Cloth. I admit it, I went overboard but I had never tolerated an acne treatment as well as I did Exposed. I would have saved money if I had ordered the 60 day kits but I was a bit overexcited at the progress I was seeing.


Exposed Treatment On Week 2, More Progress In 2 Weeks Than In 20 Years

That’s right. In 2 weeks I saw more progress than I had in the previous 20 years. The Microderm Scrub in particular worked wonders on my skin. Not only was I seeing an improvement in my acne and pimples, but I had no blackheads either. I work in heavy engineering. My skin spends all day fighting dust, grime and oil particles but you would never guess it this week.

The improvement in my acne breakout seems to coincide with me using the full range, or it may just be that the skin care products took a little time to have their full effect on my skin. Either way, I was ecstatic. I had noticeably less spots and pores, still a lot but much less than normal.

The increase in confidence I had was way out of proportion to the improvement I had seen, but I had waited two decades for it, I didn’t care. Part of me wondered if it wasn’t a fluke and I would go back to normal after a week but it didn’t happen.


Using Exposed Treatment For 3 Weeks, Accelerated Results And A Phone Number

I can be really disciplined when it comes to my grooming routine, to the point of being OCD. It really paid off for me here though. I used the skin care range religiously, exactly as instructed and the results went from being great to being phenomenal.

My skin was perfectly clear of blackheads, it was moisturised, no tight feeling and getting really clear skin. For the first time in my life, it had a healthy glow.

My spots were disappearing at a fantastic rate. There is a scene in the movie “The Craft” where Neve Campbell’s character attends the doctor after a round of gene therapy for terrible scarring on her back. Her character had cast a spell to help the process and her redness scarred skin just falls away, leaving beautiful, glowing, clear skin. That’s what this week felt like to me. Every morning I could see a noticeable improvement from the previous evening. Now, Exposed is not witchcraft but given my results, it may as well be.

What was definitely witchcraft or wizardry was me finding the confidence to ask a girl who I met on the train for her number. Even if she said no, it would have been a victory for me but she gave it to me. I genuinely feel like a new person.


Only 4 Weeks On Exposed Acne Treatment, Reaching Normality

Week4 Exposed Skin Care

In week 4, for the first time I could say I was normal. My skin was unremarkable. That doesn’t sound like a compliment but it was more than I could ever dream of. The improvement wasn’t as marked as in week 3 but I didn’t have as far to go in week 4.

I was still using all Exposed Skin Care products everyday, or as often as suggested. I could probably have used some a little less but I didn’t want to jeopardise any progress. I have never tolerated anything so well for so long. I don’t think I can live without the Microderm Scrub and the Exposed Clarifying Mask from now on. They have had a fantastic effect for me personally. If you are on a budget, those are the two that I would recommend. Really though, Exposed is so reasonably priced you won’t have to limit yourself. There’s a great range of kits for people who need or want the full set of skin care products.

I actually tried to find a before picture to show how far I have come. It says a lot that there are no pictures of me that show how bad my skin was. I was far too embarrassed. Now my skin is something I am really proud of. Exposed acne treatment makes it easy to take a healthy, holistic approach to skin care. Their acne and pimple treatments don’t use any harsh chemicals, are very easy on the skin and they actually work. They even go so far as to give you the right kind of cloths to use. The Derm-X cloths are great for exfoliating and microabrasion.

If you have had any issues with your skin, Exposed Skin Care is definitely worth a try. I am very impressed with the fact they will stand over their products with a 1-year money back guarantee. It’s not something most companies will do, but it’s clear that Exposed has a justified confidence in their products. I’ve seen them work miracles for me and I was an extreme case. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.


Exposed Skin Care Price Comparison

Exposed Kits Price Compare

1. Exposed 5-Piece Basic Kit
Exposed Skin Care Basic Kit

  • Facial Cleanser (Salicylic Acid 0.5%)
  • Clearing Tonic (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Acne Treatment Serum (Benzoyl Peroxide 3.5%)
  • Clear Pore Serum (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Derm-X Cloth


The price on official website $49.95 (The price on Amazon $63.95)


2. Exposed 6-Piece Expanded Kit

  • Facial Cleanser (Salicylic Acid 0.5%)
  • Clearing Tonic (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Acne Treatment Serum (Benzoyl Peroxide 3.5%)
  • Clear Pore Serum (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Derm-X Cloth
  • Moisture Complex

The price on official website $59.95 (The price on Amazon $73.95)


3. Exposed 9-Piece Ultimate Kit
Exposed Skin Care Ultimate Kit

  • Facial Cleanser (Salicylic Acid 0.5%)
  • Clearing Tonic (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Acne Treatment Serum (Benzoyl Peroxide 3.5%)
  • Clear Pore Serum (Salicylic Acid 1.0%)
  • Derm-X Cloth
  • Moisture Complex
  • Clarifying Mask (Sulfur 3.0%)
  • Microderm Scrub
  • Probiotic Complex

The price on official website $94.95 (The price on Amazon $114.95)



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How To Use Exposed Skin Care – For New Users

Let’s get into the details on “How To Use Your Exposed Acne Treatment“.

In the morning, the first thing you’ll use is the Facial Cleanser. Start by splashing your face with warm water from your sink or shower. Then pour a small amount of cleanser on your palm and work it into a nice lather.

Now, very gently wash your face for about 10 to 15 seconds. Don’t rub too hard or too fast. Remember, we are trying not to irritate your skin at all.

Next, splash your face with warm water until the cleanser is rinsed away. If you have a Derm-X Cloth, you can use that to remove the cleanser by drenching it with warm water and gently massaging your face with it.

You may need to rinse it a few times in the process to remove all the cleanser from your face. Remember, the Derm-X Cloth exfoliates skin so use it very gently and never more than twice a week.

Now, gently pat your skin dry using a clean soft towel. Don’t rub or scrub your skin dry. Once your face is mostly dry apply the Clearing Tonic. Just spread a little on your face using your bare hands.

While your face is still wet from the Clearing Tonic, apply the Acne Treatments Serum. If you are new to Exposed, you want to start it off with a very small amount and build up over 2 to 3 weeks.

Using your fingers, dap the serum around your face then gently spread it avoiding the region around your eyes. Don’t rub, just likely spread it around and let it absorb on it’s own. Wait for about 5 minutes so the serum can dry completely. Once your face is dry, you can apply other products like the Moisture Complex.

To apply the Moisture Complex, spread a small amount across your fingers and lightly pad it onto your face. Then like the serum, let it air dry for at least a few minutes. That’s it for the morning routine.

In the evening, the routine is pretty similar.

Start by washing your face as you did in the morning. Then patting your face mostly dry with a clean soft towel. Once your face is mostly dry, apply the Clearing Tonic.

If you wear makeup you can wet a cotton pad with the tonic and lightly smooth it over your face to get any last bits of makeup. Otherwise, just spread a little on your face using your bare hands.

While your face is still slightly damp, gently smooth a small amount of the Clear Pore Serum over your acne prone areas. Avoiding the region around your eyes. Wait a few minutes for the serum to dry.

Once dry, if you have oily skin or stubborn acne, you can apply the Acne Treatment Serum to your most acne prone areas. If you have dry or sensitive skin, go straight to applying the Moisture Complex.

That’s it. You’re on your way to a clear and healthy complexion.

Oh, one last note, using Exposed according to this video will begin to heal and clear your skin, but it’s only half the battle. There are a few other things that you need to do to get the very best results. Check out the Exposed Clear Skin Guide.


Exposed Skin Care User Reviews

Real User 1, Katie, 19, NY

I’m Katie and I’m 19 and I’m from upstate New York.

Um, I never had like awful skin but I get bad breakouts once in a while. I feel embarrassed to be in photos. I like untagged myself in pictures because I don’t want anyone to think oh the girl has a huge zit on her.

I tried a lot of different products but I found Exposed Skin Care and it worked for best out of all of them. I wasn’t dry, itchy and my breakouts were gone so I could be in all the pictures again.


Real User 2, Melissa, GA

My name is Melissa Fredericks and I’m from Atlanta Georgia.

Acne really felt like my lot in life. It felt like I was bound to it. I couldn’t get away from it. Like I was imprisoned or trapped by it. There’s a lot of embarrassment and there was a lot of shame. Random people would make comments to me at my job, and say things and they were like, well you know something could help this. You lose confidence in yourself and you lose the self-esteem to be able to just look at people even sometimes.

So it was extremely demoralizing and it never got better. It just felt like I was condemned to it, really. And so when I tried Exposed, I really felt like, what do I have to lose? I really didn’t. After 17 years of trying everything, I had nothing to lose.

Within two weeks I was, my life was changed. Everybody around me was telling me they couldn’t believe it. All my family, all my friends, all my co-workers, it was just complete disbelief and amazement at what had happened. I kept touching my face and looking at myself in the mirror ‘cause it was so smooth and it was soft and it was clear and I, I never thought that would that was really possible.


More Testimonials for Exposed Skin Care

Real Testimonial 1


I had acnes for over 5 years, and I tried a lot of acne treatment products before like Murad, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, but none of them worked for me. Then I was recommended to try Proactiv by my friend; however, it burned my skin so bad, and my skin turned dark for a while. Being so frustrated, I went to see a dermatologist. I spent so much money on buying products as her suggestion and took medicine as well; unfortunately, it was just a waste of money. At that time, I was very hopeless, and I thought that there was nothing can cure my acnes, which I had had for 5 years, but I didn’t know there is still a miraculous product out there.

A couple months later, I found out Exposed when surfing the Internet. I did some research about it and decided to give it a try. At that point, I had nothing to lose. And Exposed doesn’t make me disappointed like the other products I used. People say that you will see the improvements since the second week using Exposed, but for me, I could see the differences after a week using it. My skin seemed calmer and less pimples coming out. It looked so much nicer and cleaner. Fortunately, my skin didn’t detoxify, which makes more acnes coming out. My skin tended to be clearer and clearer. After my 1st Exposed Skin Care kit, I started to get compliments on my skin, which I had never got before, and the compliments motivated me to keep using Exposed products.

Before using Exposed, I was kind of person who didn’t have self confident, and I isolated myself from everyone including my family due to acnes. I know acnes are something we cannot control, and acnes don’t reflect our lifestyle, but I was still embarrassed whenever people looked at my face. However, Exposed has changed my life and my lifestyle also. I became more sociable, laid back, and even more confident. I wish I could have known Exposed earlier, so I could enjoy my life. Thanks Exposed Skin Care.

~ Gary Nguyen


Real Testimonial 2


Why you chose to use Exposed?

I spent many years trying to control my acne with various prescription and non-prescription acne medication; however, not only did I continue to break out, but my skin was so irritated and unhealthy from using so many harsh chemicals. Then I switched to the completely opposite side and used only home-made treatments that included items such as honey, tea tree oils, and sea salt. After a year of using home-made face washes, my acne had not gotten any better, but my skin did feel healthier because I was not using harsh chemicals on it.

I then started to look for a balance between non-irritating home-made face washes and the harsh acne treatments I previously used. That is when I came across exposed. I was instantly drawn to it because it was natural and seemed to lack the harsh chemicals that would irritate my skin, but still utilized science to fight acne effectively.

How long before you saw improvements?

I saw improvements within days! I was really nervous at first because the website said the acne could get worse before it got better, but I never went through that. The blemishes I had when I started exposed healed like normal, and I watched in disbelief as no new break outs appeared! It was so surreal.

How the improvements changed your life?

Having clear skin has made every aspect of my life less stressful. These things seem small, but they make a huge difference.

• I can go to events without bringing my foundation bottle for if I accidentally wipe my face during the night.
• I don’t have to wake up early to cover up my blemishes before my boyfriend wakes up.
• I feel confident when I’m talking to someone only a foot or two away from me.
• I don’t have to try to hide my face if my foundation washes off when swimming at the beach or pools.
• I can wear a ponytail or bun whenever I want because I don’t have to cover the sides of my face, my back, or my chest anymore.

What other brands did you try before using Exposed?

I can’t remember all of the brands I have tried, but I have probably tried about 20 different brands. The ones I remember are:

• Proactiv
• Prescription antibiotics
• Prescription topical creams
• Bentonite Clay Masks
• Over the Counter (Neutrogenia, Clinique, St. Ives, Olay, Clearasil and Clean and Clear (multiple different types of face washes from each brand)

~ Melissa Voisinet


Real Testimonial 3


I was on Youtube and an ad came up on the side about Exposed, so I clicked on it and saw the before and after photos and read the testimonials. I also saw that they had a deal on at the time and thought “What can I lose?”. I went to my mom and told her about it and got her visa because I didn’t have one and ordered my kit. I had been struggling with very bad acne for four years and had tried a ton of other brands. Clinique, Proactiv, and many I don’t even remember the names of.

The first few weeks my skin was pretty dry around my nose and chin so I just used a little less product until my skin got used to it. I don’t know when my skin started clearing up, it wasn’t in the first few months I remember but I kept at it morning and night and slowly but surely it started going away. Within the year my skin was clear. I had a few breakouts here and there when I would not wash my face for whatever reason and it really showed that Exposed was working for me.

A big part of clearing my skin with them was listening to the Do’s and Don’ts. Exposed cleared my surface acne, but sugar would give me horrible invisible pimples under the skin, so cutting out sugar and using Exposed when I did get one made them go away faster than ever. I have been using Exposed for the past two years now and I am not looking back. I have also gotten my dad into it and ordered him a body kit to help with his back acne. He also has seen big improvements in just a few short months using it.

It’s a hard hit to your confidence when you don’t want to leave the house without makeup, but with Exposed, I haven’t used makeup in ages. Instead of commenting of the red marks on my face people comment on my freckles now that they can see them. Thanks Exposed!

The Do’s and Don’ts:

Daily Habits

1. Do Change Your Pillow Case Every 2 Days
It gets dirtier than you think and can cause more acne. When laundering, use a fragrance free detergent and do not use fabric softener.

2. Do Sweat, Then Wash It Off
Exercising a few times a week is great for your body and for your skin. The key is to wash your face as soon as possible after an activity.

3. Don’t Touch Your Face
This includes no picking, popping or squeezing.

4. Don’t Stress It
Stress can cause acne, which in turn causes more stress… a vicious cycle. While there is no silver bullet to eliminate stress, here are a few tips.

• Get outside, get a little sun: Being outside helps you gain perspective and Vitamin D from the sun will improve your mood.
• Spend more time with friends & family.
• Watch a sad movie: a recent study found that this may help you cope real-world stress and sadness.

Eats & Drinks

1. Do Drink Plenty of Water
Many people with great skin swear this is the secret, the rule of thumb is 8 glasses per day. Try to avoid all sugary drinks, period.

2. Do Take Natural Supplements
Our diets are not perfect, so adding a few important supplements can help make up the shortfalls. Beneficial Supplements: Probiotics, omega-3’s, zinc, chromium, vitamin-A, vitamin-E, vitamin-B5, selenium, silymarin (Milk Thistle).

3. Avoid Sugars and Breads
It’s confirmed – consuming too much sugar and bread can make your acne worse! Numerous clinical trials found links between sugar and acne.

4. Avoid Most Dairy
Several studies have determined that dairy, especially too much milk and cheese, can exacerbate acne. Worried about healthy bones? Try some impact exercise and get your calcium from spinach, kale and white beans.

~ Rachel Peters



My Experience On Selecting The Best Acne Treatment

Best Acne Treatment Experience

20 years ago, almost overnight, my skin went from clear to what doctors told me was one of the most severe cases of blemishes breakout they had ever seen. For 20 years I fought a battle with acne and pimples every day of my life. It became my defining feature and pervaded everything I did. It crippled my confidence and held me back in more ways than I can name. I was depressed, tired and slowly beginning to believe that this was what my life would always be. It took me 20 years, a lifetime almost, to find the best acne treatment for me. I hope my story will help others, so they don’t have to suffer as long as I did.


Why Do You Need To Avoid The OTC Acne Products

Acne Treatment To Avoid

At the age of 12, you will believe anything. You need these trainers to be popular. Buy this hair gel, and the girls will love you. Most marketing, particularly to teenagers, relies on their desperation to fit into a predetermined notion of what is cool. Image is a huge part of that, and nothing is more devastating to that than blemishes. It immediately makes you an outsider and loses you social status. Consequently, teenagers will try anything to bring their acne and pimples under control.

I was one of those kids. I would even get nervous and awkward when ads for acne treatment played on TV. I felt everyone was laughing at me, judging me and mocking me behind my back. I was even embarrassed to go to the drugstore and buy those products. It was almost like buying them was an acceptance that I was hideous looking. Still, I believed the ads and I bought into the hype. I tried every single Clearasil and Clean & Clear product, convinced I would have fresh, clear skin in a few days. Time and time again, these products not only didn’t work, but they made my pores worse, much worse.

You see, if you’re looking for the best products to treat acne and pimples, you won’t find it from a company that spends more on marketing than it does on research and development. That’s what the companies selling over-the-counter acne treatments are doing. They are selling you an image, a dream, rather than any kind of effective treatment. Let me tell you; it is spirit-crushing when you realise you aren’t going to get the results they promised you. I had so much emotional energy invested in this working, and when it didn’t, it almost broke me.


How Trying To Be A Health Freak Made Me Sick

Alternative Acne Therapies

I became very cynical after that. I didn’t trust any mainstream products, but I was still determined to find the best acne treatment for me. So began my alternative medicine stage. I became a regular customer at all manner of quirky stores, buying all kinds of strange “therapies”. I must have eaten my own weight in liver pills. I gave myself chronic headaches from taking too much fish oils. I was taking 22 capsules a day at one point of assorted herbs and plant extracts. What did I have to show for it? Nothing except for an empty, desperate feeling that this was going to be my life.

At this stage, I was getting older. I was past the point where my blemishes could be explained away as just teenage spots. With the passing of my teenage years, the hope that my acne and pimples might go away on its own with time disappeared. When you enter your twenties, severe acne goes from being tough to live with to being absolutely life destroying. It has a certain acceptability when you’re a teenager, it’s seen as a rite of passage almost. In your twenties, however, it’s a disorder, a condition and a repulsive one at that. That is how I felt, repulsive.

I became even more determined to beat my acne. I began to obsess about my diet and exercise in an attempt to manage my blemishes. I felt at this stage that I would never find the best product to treat acne on my skin. I thought the only way to manage it would be to live like a health freak. I remember one day clearly when I was worried about going on holiday. Somehow, I convinced myself that if I lived solely on fresh fruit until the holiday, my skin must improve. That is how delusional I had become. I was putting my body through hell with crash diets and extreme exercise. I had become mentally ill from the stress of living with my acne and pimples. In the end, I had to go to my doctor. I couldn’t go on living the way I was. I was constantly tired, depressed and my general health was deteriorating.


Exposed Is The Best Acne Treatment To Me

Exposed Skin Care Best Acne Treatment

I almost didn’t give Exposed a chance. I was resigned to having bad redness skin for the rest of my life. I didn’t trust any company, whether they were cosmetic, homoeopathic or pharmaceutical. I didn’t trust any product. For some reason, Exposed Acne Treatment stood out as being different. They had an approach I hadn’t seen before. For once, I didn’t have to compromise on the health of my skin to get rid of my acne, or so they promised. They actually delivered on that promise. A company actually did what they said they were going to do. There was no compromise, no ripoff, no false promises or gimmick marketing. This was, without doubt, the best acne treatment I had ever used. Exposed seems to have put enormous resources into developing well-balanced products that not only work but also are kind to my skin. They took the safest pharma ingredients that work best and blended them with the right natural ingredients. It’s difficult to put into words how it feels to have healthy, clear skin after so many years.


My Final Tips On Choosing The Best Acne Treatment

Tips Best Acne Treatment

I’ve learned a lot about blemishes treatment and how to find the best acne treatment for your skin in that time. It can be best summarised like this:

1. The big cosmetic companies just focus on creating an image for you to buy. Their products are not great and rely on playing on your insecurities to sell them.

2. Alternative medicines simply don’t work for severe acne on their own. The companies that sell these don’t have the expertise in acne or pimple treatments to know how to use them to help combat blemishes.

3. Crash dieting and exercise is no help for severe acne. Acne is often genetic, and no amount of water, fruit or running will make it go away. Managing your diet and exercising does have its place in keeping your skin healthy, but it won’t cure acne.

4. Pharmaceutical companies can produce drugs that help certain cases of acne, but at horrendous cost to your body. They know that patients will try anything to find the best product to treat acne and this helps them to gloss over the serious side effects of their drugs. Whatever benefit they offer, they are not worth the cost to your health.

5. Find a company that offers a holistic approach to pimple and acne treatment. It needs to care for your entire body, not just your skin. Find a company that invests in research, instead of marketing. Find a company that offers a guarantee that their product will work. That company was Exposed Skin Care for me. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Every single one of their products is fantastic, and my blemishes disappeared in less than a month.

Finally, the one thing I want you to take away from this article is not to buy into the hype and marketing. I lost years of my life this way. Trust results and reputation. Trust a company that is willing to stand over their products. There are very few out there today, but Exposed Skin Care is undoubtedly the leader in acne treatments. By putting your faith in their range, you can save yourself the heartache I went through looking for the best product to treat acne and pimples.