Understanding Acne And Treatment In Women

Acne Treatment For Women

Acne is a very frustrating thing to go through especially for women. The way to cure acne is unknown, but by understanding what causes it can be useful in preventing and getting rid of it. It is unknown all the different things that causes acne, some believe that even the foods that we eat can affect acne. But it is known that acne is caused when bacteria, dirt and oil get clogged in a skin pore, gets infected and turns into a pimple.

Usually it is the oil that blocks that pores and doesn’t allow the dirt or bacteria to get out. When your body produces extra oil is usually when your body can’t handle how much there is and too many pores get clogged and pimples form. Unfortunately our bodies tend to produce more oil because of hormones. So when women go through their menstrual cycle, pregnancy and even menopause the body produces more oil which means more pimples! It can be very frustrating going through this every single month, but there are things that you can do to get rid of acne and prevent it from coming.

Women can also suffer from a special kind of acne “pyoderma faciale”, which affects women between the ages of 20 and 40. This type of acne causes large pustules, cysts or nodules on the face and may stay for an entire year, leads to scarring and usually affects women who never had acne before. Women are also prone to acne rosacea. Rosacea usually affects people over 30 and looks like a red rash on the cheeks, forehead, nose or chin. There may also be pimples and can be frustrating to treat.


Home Acne Treatment for Women

Alas makeup can cause acne. The ingredients found in many makeup products can irritate the skin and cause acne. It is best to avoid wearing makeup, but if you must wear non-comedogenic makeup, or hypo-allergenic. Always avoid makeup that is oil based as this adds to the problem of acne.

Making a homemade acne treatment for women is easy. Use a base to moisturize and cleansing solution that is specific to your skin type. If you have normal or oily skin you may want to avoid using olive oil or other oils that will make your skin oilier, but oils are perfect if you have dry or sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin avoid using rough ingredients like cornmeal that may irritate your skin.

You can even make masks out of certain fruits, like lemon, which are high in salicylic acid a great cleanser. If you want something gentler a mask can be made out of mashed papaya, sweet potato and pumpkin. Using foods that are high in vitamin A, like carrots, help your skin heal faster and prevent scarring.


Best Acne Treatment for Women

If you don’t want to use homemade remedies there are plenty of products that are very powerful and can get rid of acne quickly. Remember to take into consideration your skin type. Look for products that are specific to sensitive, oily, dry or normal skin and use only the kind of products for your skin. Products that have benzoyl peroxide are strong and perfect for normal and oily skin. But dry and sensitive skin look for products that contain salicylic acid that are gentler on your skin.

When going through hormonal times take extra care to treat your skin to help prevent acne. Keep your face and hands clean, properly moisturize and if you can avoid wearing makeup. Doing these things you will be able to rid yourself of acne and you will heave healthier skin.