Why Men Are Suffer Worse Acne Than Women?

Acne Treatment For Men

Although both men and women get acne, men are more prone and often suffer worse acne than women. This is mainly due to the levels of testosterone in the body. When hormones, such as testosterone, fluctuate in the body the sebaceous glands will produce extra sebum- a greasy oil for the hair follicles and skin. When there is too much oil a pore can get blocked trapping dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria under the oil causing a pimple.

Men are more prone to a disfiguring type of acne called “acne conglobata”. This form of acne is very rare. It is characterized by large lesions that can form on the face, back, chest, arms and thighs. It is damaging to the skin and can last for many years. But with proper treatment this form of acne can be treated.


Home Acne Treatment for Men

One of the major causes of acne for men is shaving; acne in the beard area can stem from razor burn, bacteria ridden blades and dull razors. Make sure that the razor that you use to shave your face is clean and sharp. Switch from electric razor and safety razor to see which kind irritates your skin less. If you use safety razors make sure that change the blades every 3 times of using them. Dull blades can cause more minor cuts in the skin allowing bacteria to get into your skin and causes more acne flare ups. If you can don’t shave every day, try going every other day or every 3 days.

To help with both razor burn and acne breakouts an aspirin paste will help to relieve the pain of razor burn, clean out your clogged pores and get rid of existing acne. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, a powerful acne cleanser and antibiotic agent. Crush some aspirin into a fine powder. Mix the powdered aspirin with either a teaspoon of water, aloe vera or tea tree oil. Use just enough to make a paste. The aloe vera and tea tree oil also have astringent, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Once your paste is made apply to your entire face and gently scrub. Allow your skin to soak up as much of the aspirin as possible and wash with warm water when done. You can even apply the paste to a pimple and let it dry overnight.


Best Acne Treatment for Men

Make sure that the products you use are for your skin type. If you use the wrong kind of facial cleanser you can further irritate your skin causing more breakouts. The bottle should indicate if it is for oily, normal, sensitive or dry skin.

Use ointments that contain benzoyl peroxide. This is possibly the best ingredient for getting rid of an existing pimple. But benzoyl peroxide can irritate and dry out your skin. So only apply the ointment to the affected area and moisturize.

Use a facial cleanser that has salicylic acid. This will help to clean out your pores and keep your skin acne free. Wash your face at least once a day, and twice a day if your skin is oily or normal.

If your skin is sensitive or dry, use products that have natural and soothing ingredients like tea tree oil or green tea.

Properly caring for your skin is the best way to avoid getting acne and getting rid of it. Use the same treatment for at least 3 months before trying something new, since many acne treatments take a few months for your skin to adjust to it and for it to effectively work.