CUSTOMIZE Your Acne Treatment For Combination Skin

Acne Treatment For Combination Skin

Combination skin means that one part of your face is oily while the other is dry skin. Combination skin is one of the more difficult types of skin to treat. You can’t treat your skin for dryness since part of your skin is oily, and you can’t treat for oily since the other part is oily. Many people don’t realize that they have combination skin and they think they have normal, oily, dry or even sensitive skin.

Usually the part of the face that is oily is defined as the T-zone; this is the forehead, the nose and chin. The dry parts of the face are usually the cheeks and around the eyes. But not everyone has the same kind of combination skin; your forehead may be dry and your cheeks oily. Finding what parts of your face are oily and what parts are dry is the first step in treating your acne.

You need to treat the different parts of your skin to properly care for your skin and get rid of acne. But for some people using acne treatments that are for normal skin have worked for them. Acne treatments for normal skin is meant for skin that is not overly oily or dry, so if parts of your face meet these standards you might be able to use products for normal skin. But you can customize your acne treatment by using different products for different reasons.


Home Acne Treatment for Combination Skin

To care for both oily and dry skin simultaneously you want to moisturize without making your skin more oily and you want to cleanse your skin without drying your skin out. By using natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin you can take care of your entire face.

• For the parts of your face that are oily make a facial scrub that contains ingredients like honey and aloe vera. Avoid ingredients like tea tree oil and olive oil. Add an antibacterial and cleansing agent like lemon. If you would like to exfoliate your skin while you scrub add a small amount of oatmeal or sea salt to your facial scrub.

• For the parts of your face that are dry make a moisturizing mask. For the mask you do want ingredients like olive oil, tea tree oil and aloe vera; you can even use avocado or mashed grapes. For the antibacterial agent lemons is safe on dry skin, but add a smaller amount of lemon juice. Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes and wash off with warm water. After cleansing your face and taking the mask off be sure to moisturize.


Best Acne Treatment for Combination Skin

Since breaking out can be troubling with combination skin use an acne ointment for pimples. Ointments containing benzoyl peroxide and applied only to the pimple will help to get rid of your breakouts faster. When cleansing your face avoid products with salicylic acid since it can further dry out parts of your face, use ingredients like resorcinol and sulfur which help clean your face and get rid of acne without making your face more oily or dry.

You may have to use multiple products, but by taking proper care of your combination skin you can keep your skin looking refreshed, younger and acne free.